Warm Remembrances

Quiltmaking & Memory Making

Curated by Laura Hopper – Opening September 2021

This year’s online exhibit, “Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making,” explores our memories and how we preserve them in fabric. How do we consciously or unconsciously choose what to remember? How is our collective memory shaped by the past? How are the forgotten events of the past preserved in art? 

Featuring quilts from:

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op • Gwen Edwards • Zak Foster • Susa Harris • Laura Hartrich • Sylvia Hernandez • The collection of the International Quilt Museum • Susan Hudson • Heather Kinion • Jean Ray Laury • Carol Mesimer • Heidi Parkes • The collection of Julie Silber • Sherri Lynn Wood • Carina Yepez • and more

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